Apple glass

Secondo alcune indiscrezioni circolate in rete nelle ultime ore, Apple starebbe testando segretamente un paio di occhiali smart pensati per la realtà aumentata. APPLE is almost certainly working on a pair of augmented-reality smart glasses, but what would they look like? These prices apply only to repairs made by Apple.

Other service providers may set their own prices. All fees are in USD and . Apple Glass Cane back here again, but this time to get a subwoofer and amp installed that I got online as a package deal. I drove to the location and everyone was very friendly. The tech was on hand so he started on my window chips right away. Mark Gurman di Bloomberg ha aggiunto alcuni dettagli interessanti sui cosiddetti Apple Glass , il visore a Realtà Aumentata in lavorazione presso Cupertino.

Secondo Gurman, il dispositivo utilizzerà un sistema operativo derivante da iOS, in modo da poter sfruttare ARKit, denominato rOS, reality OS. Концепт умных очков Apple Glass от немецких дизайнеров. Категория носимых устройств с каждым годом развивается все более стремительно: еще недавно об умных. But Bloomberg reports today that.

The $billion (£ billion) campus features numerous glass walls, which are being misjudged . The frame would be made of metal, and it would house the main components of Apple Glass including cameras, sensors, and wireless antennas, while the arms may include the chipset and the battery. The arm covers may be interchangeable, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their AR . Apple recently completed its brand-new headquarters in Cupertino, California. The centerpiece of Apple Inc. Surrounding the Cupertino . The execution has reportedly gone so well that engineers are running right into the state-of-the-art glass that shapes the building.

The basic premise of Apple Glass is to keep it as close as possible to a “regular” pair of glasses or sunglasses. We understand that this problem has still not been resolve particularly unfortunate in a city which gets more than its fair share of snow. Glass panels, glass pods, glass walls, giant glass doors.

The main office building in Cupertino, California, is a perfect circle and looks like something straight out of the X-Files. The walls are made of foot high sheets of crystal clear . Apple has a design problem = employees on its new space-age campus keep walking into the glass walls. According to a couple of reports, some of them have cut . Yes, like a real life Windex commercial with well-heeled tech employees instead of . Appleto use a lot of glass , but employees are walking into glass walls as there are apparently no markings on them. Because of all the glass ? Apparently, the geniuses at Apple keep walking into . Futuristic building uses glass extensively, and two people have already needed medical attention after smacking into panes.

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They are smacking into the glass.