Failed to get size of gamma for output default

Check the output of xrandr to know the exact . Failed to get size of gamma for output. Fails to get size of gamma error when trying to. Altri risultati in askubuntu.

How to increase monitor resolution? Hi to all, I installed ubuntu 15. I tried to increase the max . GRUB (Info from here) : to the system and start a terminal window (Applications-Accessories-Terminal). И никаких настроек дисплея, ничего.

When I type xrandr on my Lenovo Laptop with Ubuntu 14. When I am trying to increase my Guest OS resolution . Normally, that can be fixed by either xrandr or xorg. So I just installed Debian and I want to get going.

После даунгрейда xorg-server сломался xrandr. Этого, конечно, маловато, но всё-таки не 640х480. А сейчас я перезагружусь и попробую его . Re: Установка произвольного разрешения монитора в Ubuntu. VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. I am using the onboard graphics and a monitor with a resolution (well, actually an LED TV) of up . No VirtualBox guest additions should be . In fedora i tried using xrandr tool But when i use following command.

Einen extra Treiber für den Intel Grafikchip habe ich nicht extra installiert. Dies ist nach meiner bisherigen Recherche im Internet auch nicht . What I get is my monitor not detected by Ubuntu. I run xrandr in terminal, and got the following output. I also tried the steps mentioned here. I have the following output.

Nach einem Wechsel von fglrx auf den radeon Treiber funktionierte redshift nicht mehr. Die Lösung fand ich im Bugreport: Der nomodeset -Kernelparameter muss . Is the display name of the CentOS VM default? After rebooting, this is the output of xrandr by itself. Qualcuno di voi sa di cosa si tratta e come è possibile risolverlo?

My network installation via PXE breaks when graphical installation starts, here my program.