Seas exotic

Seas Exotic is combining more than years of Seas experience with the newest technology available. These drivers are addressing the market that requires ultra high en high efficiency transducers. All drivers are carefully measured and approved by the SEAS Quality Control people, before we ship them out from Moss . The special paper cone is embedded with papyrus fibres to optimize stiffness and damping.

A special foam rubber surround reduces mass by compared to conventional rubber . An optimally matched whizzer cone extends high frequency response beyond 10kHz.

Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. Full Range Seas della serie Exotic da 20cm con membrana in fibra di papiro con ottimo smorzamento e rigidezza. Il doppio cono permette di estendere la risposta in frequenza oltre i 10kHz. Una speciale sospensione in foam e gomma permette di ridurre il peso del rispetto alle classiche sospensioni in gomma . Динамик ВЧ SEAS X3-EXOTIC T35.

Сопротивление Ом, чувствительность дБ, . Article by Axel about speaker kit Simply Exotic. More precisely, the Seas XExotic F8. Seas developed this wide-range speaker with a retro look, which is the real draw here.

SEAS X1-(F8) – высокочувствительный широкополосный динамик класса High-End серии Exotic. The SEAS Exotic line combines classic SEAS design with the latest SEAS Excel spin-off technology and sometimes forgotten technologies of the past. Con la linea Exotic SEAS combina l¿esperienza del passato con la tecnologia di oggi.

Design tradizionale con materiali moderni. Giá dagli anni ¿SEAS produce altoparlantia banda larga. Questa esperienza si ritrova nel modello SEAS Exotic F8. Questo modello unisce le migliori caratteristiche della tecnologia . Акустическая система на широкополосном динамике SEAS X1-EXOTIC F8.

Кабель в разводке – Van Den Hul Wind MK II. Катушки индуктивности ленточные Mundorf Air-Core MCoil CFС. Высококачественные резисторы Duelund High-End. Download Datasheet Exotic F8. A totally new and proprietary spider design dramatically improves the performance of this critical suspension part.

The magnet system uses an Alnico V ring magnet for high sensitivity, excellent stability, and low distortion.